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Before 2006, most residents in the province of Nova Scotia had broadband connectivity in their homes - but the vast majority of these residents were in urban centres.

About 200,000 citizens, 93,500 dwellings, 5,600 businesses and hundreds of schools and medical facilities remained unserved because they lived outside the reach of traditional wired broadband technologies.

In 2007, the government committed to 100 per cent broadband connectivity throughout the province. And when the Province of Nova Scotia committed to the goal of 100% broadband coverage, they turned to the experts at Nova Communications.

When you download the FREE Nova Scotia Rural Broadband Case Study, you'll learn: 

  • How Fixed Wireless Technology delivers high quality rural service quickly, reliably and cost effectively.
  • Why high-speed internet service is transforming the lives of more than 200,000 Nova Scotians.
  • How a proactive communications strategy helped ensure project success.
  • The challenges and expectations, and how they were met.
  • And more! 

Download the FREE Nova Scotia Rural Broadband Case Study