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The Motorola CP200d is one of Nova Communications' best selling two way radios, ideal for users that need functionality and analog or digital technology at a reasonable price.

Completely compatible with Motorola's most popular radio of all time, the CP200, the CP200d is known for its flexibility and adaptability - and as a two way radio option that will evolve with your needs.


Download the Brochure

Download the Motorola CP200 Two Way Radio Brochure

What's Inside?

When you download the Motorola CP200d Two Way Radio Brochure, at a glance, you'll learn

  • Which CP200d is right for you and your needs
  • Which CP200d features are right for you
  • How the CP200d can seamlessly integrate into your current set-up
  • And more!

PLUS with battery life that lasts 40% longer, greater coverage, and twice the capacity, the CP200d is perfect for connected workforces.


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